Advanced Pregnancy Massage

Louise Graham of Beyond Alchemy Massage (Oxford) has studied and is experienced in advanced massage techniques. These are important to ensure that even when ladies in advanced stages of pregnancy can no longer lie on their “bump”, they can still experience a full body massage – with emphasis on the lower back.

She has also qualified in advanced aromatherapy for pregnancy and child birth.
Her knowledge is invaluable for cases of the early stages with morning sickness (essential oil: ginger), varicose veins (essential oil: cypress), stretch marks (essential oil: neroli), and painful muscles (essential oil: lemongrass).

There are also certain oils not to be used in pregnancy. Some such essential oils are called “uterine contractors” and may cause a miscarriage. However if the baby is late they can be great to get the contractions going.

After the birth the new mother should, ideally, be completely pampered. In India all new mothers do is breast feed and be massaged to get their body back in shape. This may not be possible for you but a couple of masaages will help to restore you after your huge exhaustions.

Most mothers are fine (after the 5th day blues, when your bodies natural endorphines have reduced). However, if you find your hormones giving you post natal depresion, Jasmine & clary sage really do help.

There are also oils to help with fertility problems, hormone balancers (essential oils: roseclary sagelavendergeranium).
Louise Wheadon of Beyond Alchemy Massage (Oxford) said of pregnancy massage that:

 … I can help from conception through to post natal care and I must say it is a complete joy & honour to be part of this wondrous miracle !