Aroma Facials

o help give a beautiful glowing complexion why not try a gentle micro dermal abrasion aroma facial ?

It begins with a gentle facial scrub to remove all the dead skin. That is followed by a cleanse to clean the pores & take away any make up, followed by application of a mask with the most appropriate essential oil depending on the client’s own skin type.

While the soothing mask is soaking into facial skin (and eyes are covered to avoid the harsh day light) enjoy a neck and shoulder massage. This is one of the most common areas of the body in which stress may be “held”. After releasing that and relaxing neck and shoulders, it’s time for a ridiculously relaxing foot massage to send you off on your own personal dream time journey. With music floating around & the essential oils wafting in & out with each breath this is pure indulgence …..

At the end of the treatment the aromatherapy mask is wiped away to reveal a glowing complexion. A gentle toner such as rose water or witch hazel is then used. The benefits of this treatment may be further enhanced by the use of some of Beyond Alchemy Massage’s own Aroma Lotion (also to match your own individual skin type).

Now, how could you dream of covering this wonderful face with make up ???

Rather than cover up problem skin, isn’t it better to address the initial cause ?
That may involve considerations of diet, fresh water, breathing fresh air, exercise, and the use of appropriate essential oils. Essential oils used in skin preparations may be selected for mature skin e.g rose essential oil, or a cytophalactic oil e.g. lavender to encourage cell renewal.

Why not ditch the make up & fix the face ?