Essential oils are truly wonderful ! They are the pure essence of the plant, taken from the flowers, leaves, roots, berries, needles …
Most essential oils smell heavenly & really enhance the quality of the massage.
Essential oils can have beneficial effects on many levels, including:

  • The physical eg lemongrass is great for athletes & M.S, computer shoulder.
  • The emotional e.g. Rose is wonderful for grief. Jasmine can be effective in cases of post natal depression.
  • The spiritual. e.g. Ginger is good for grounding if you’re feeling disconnected.

Aroma-LavenderThere are also essential oils to aid natural sleep, to help wake you up, to invoke a sense of euphoria, to help relieve asthma, to help alleviate some skin problems … the list is endless !

Beyond Alchemy Massage usually has at least 60 different oils available. Some are quite rare, some are expensive. It is great to have a wide range from which to choose to suit each individual client.

Louise usually creates a synergetic blend of 3 oils for each treatment. A “synergetic” blend means that the three essential oils used together are more powerful than they would be if applied individually.


It is also possible to offer blends for the client to take away for his/her use between treatments.
See also the Products Section for more information about Beyond Alchemy hand-blended aroma lotions. These are available in various blends and quantities, in person or by mail order.

Please telephone if you have any questions about these.