Hot Stone Fusion

hot stone massage experience can be described as a nourishing deep heat spa treatment using 3 billion year old basalt stones which keep their heat in !

These special basalt stones have been polished naturally in river beds (perhaps for around 2 billion years !) and were eventually deposited in what are now desert regions, where they are ethically harvested for use by therapists.

During a hot stones massage treatment these hot stones are placed on and under the body and are also used instead of hands to give a smooth deep heat .This motion of the hot stones can relax and warm muscles, helping your therapist to work out any knots or spasms within the muscles.

During the treatment warm stones are placed on the hands and even tucked onto the soles of the feet (using towels) to create a feeling of being completely cosy & cared for.
Louise Graham of Beyond Alchemy Massage (Oxford) explains that:

 Along with some delicious essential oils, floaty music,gentle reiki, and the massage you may find yourself addicted to this wonderful experience- like many of my lovely clients !