Post Natal Depression

Pregnancy & childbirth is generally concidered to be a joyous occasion for all connected to the mother & indeed for herself. Lack of sleep. worry for the general wellbeing of a new born is natural for most new mothers. However during pregnancy endorphins come into the body in high concentrations. These act as natural pain killers  & help to give a feeling of euphoria . Once the placenta is expelled , oestrgen & progesterone levels fall very quickly (similar in feeling to PMT )

Usually  2 to 3 days after the birth it is normal to feel ‘the baby blues’ It may come from possible birth trauma, the change in hormones or even a realisation of the resposibilities of motherhood. This is within a normal expectation of emotions with a triggering of tears ,depression or even anger. usually this will pass in a few days.

However when this ‘depression’ continues the mother may need counselling  or even short term medication. Essential oils can be of great benefit (check with the doctor if using anti depressants )  These should be used in a 1% dilution as with pregnancy massage . Symptoms may also subside within 6 weeks of birth, so give yourself time to adjust

Bergamot is the best essential oil to throw off depression or ‘blues’. It calms the sympathetic nervous system & so allays anger & frustation. It can also help to regain a failing appetite.

Jasmine gives a feeling of courage & strength & has been known to enhance bonding with mother & baby.

Geranium balances feelings & helps bring harmony to mood swings

Frankincense helps to calm & relax the mind , helpling to bring in peace & tranquility.

Lavender has the ability to uplift where there may be tiredness or to help calm anxiety of nervous tension.

I would suggest a combination of receiving regular aromatherapy massage from a professional & sensitive therapist , who may be able to offer some nurchuring & energy enhansing  treatments  & some support or councelling .