Beyond Alchemy Massage

Beyond Alchemy Massage was established in 1990 by Louise Kitty Graham (then known as Louise Wheadon). She is a highly qualified and experienced therapist who offers a wide range of massage and aromatherapy treatments and associated products.

Treatments include:

For more information about what we do and how we can help, including locations of treatments see About Beyond Alchemy Massage.

A Personal Message from Louise:

I love my work and am passionate about making you feel the deepest sense of well being possible, including a reduction in any pain you may have been experiencing, together with a more positive attitude and sense of overall well-being generally.

I chose the name Beyond Alchemy Massage because my goal is to transform my clients’ sense of well-being from the heavy “lead” of day-to-day life into golden upliftment (the alchemists dream was to change lead into gold) !

If you would like to discuss anything please don’t hesitate to call.
I can usually help. Otherwise I often know someone else who can.”